Among consumer policies promoted by Cittadinanzattiva conciliation and mediation are topics of increasing interest and commitment, in line with the development that, at the European level, ADR are having for years.

Why we are dealing with dispute resolution? The reasons for the interest of Cittadinanzattiva to the themes of reconciliation can be summarized in the Charter of Conciliation through which Cittadinanzattiva intended to define the reasons and the style of a commitment regarding the issue of reconciliation: Conciliation as an alternative method to the ordinary court for the resolution of individual and collective conflicts, enables new forms of civic participation and of performing functions in the public interest on the side of protection of rights, in line with what is recognized by art. 118 last paragraph of the Italian Constitution. It is in this spirit that Cittadinanzattiva promotes, in particular, the tool joint mediation as a form of real commitment on the side of the protection of individual and collective rights, the right to involve new skills and professionalism (art.1 Charter of Conciliation).

The commitment of Cittadinanzattiva on the side of conciliation and mediation over the years


1. Daily activities to protect the rights

• Over the years Cittadinanzattiva has developed and invested on protection technology called PiT (integrated project of protection). The Pit is a service of guidance, information and protection for citizens who have suffered disruptions in health, public services and justice, and also avails itself of conciliation and mediation to protect the rights of citizens. (Click here to contact PiT)

Promotion of cooperation agreements with conciliation bodies.


2. Annual report on the protection of conciliation realized by Cittadinanzattiva

• One year of complaints in relation to public services with a specific focus on the protection of conciliation realized by Cittadinanzattiva. It is an analysis of the quality of the services that starts from the main difficulties encountered by consumers. Click here to find the latest Annual Report.


3. Institutional Relations

Opinion on points concerning consultations on the issue mediation and conciliation, at national and Community levels.
At the national level:

•"Answers to Green Paper on the quality manual of mediation bodies" (January 2013). For a summary, click here

At Community level:
• "Cittadinanzattiva contribution to the public consultation document: a coherent European approach about collective action" (April 2011)"
• "Cittadinanzattiva opinion of the public consultation launched by the European Commission in the field of ADR", hosted on the site of the European Commission (March 2011)
• "Opinion of Cittadinanzattiva on the Green Paper of the European Commission regarding Consumer Collective Redress" (2009)


4. Relationships with companies providing services of public interest and stakeholder

• Promotion and signing of agreements for conciliation at national and local level in the following areas: Insurance, Energy, Post Office, Banking and Financial Services, Telecommunications, Transportation.

Download the agreement protocol between Cittadinanzattiva and the Arbitration Chamber and Conciliation on the delegated mediation (July 2011).


5. Projects in favor of citizens

• Project "Conciliamo", created with the aim of developing and spreading the culture of the practice as a means of extrajudicial conciliation protection between citizens, businesses and public administrations (2007).


6. Training programs for professionals

• "Mediation and succession". Training seminar with the National Council of Notaries (2012);

• "Protection of the rights and peaceful conflict management: theory and practice of conciliation". Cycle of training seminars on a national character about conciliation aimed at lawyers and legal professionals, ombudsmen, operators listening centers and social protection, referring to the handling of complaints in the corporate sector, university students (2006).

Promotion of partnership with educational institutions.

• Training of a civic network of mediators participating to Cittadinanzattiva. Read their experience.


7. Activities of information and communication

• Free guides for citizens designed to contribute to the wider knowledge of the locations of alternative justice, in the belief that they represent an extraordinary opportunity for effective protection and serious development of greater social justice:
   • "Peace reached" (2011), click here for the online version.
   • "Parties ... involved. Alternative routes to resolve the conflict" (2010).

• Production of civic information and sectoral studies:
  • "Fifth Report on the spread of alternative justice in Italy", to which Cittadinanzattiva participated in providing their data on settlements (2011).
  • "I° civic survey on dispute mediation conducted by Cittadinanzattiva " (2011). Download the abstract.
  • "Civic survey on reconciliation" (2008).


(Last update: March 2013)

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