Citizens and integrated water service (Pit Report 2013 synthesis)

Some context data: 30% of the population is devoid of the treatment service, the dispersion of the water network is an average of 35%, 9.5% of families complains irregularities in the provision of water and only 56% of planned investment to remedy the deficiencies infrastructure has been realized.
In this context reports of citizens who have turned in the last year to PIT Servizi are well placed: in 46% of cases (compared to 40% in 2011) refers to the billing, with particular regard to adjustment payments and incorrect billings (conducted on the basis of faulty counters or consumption estimates only).


17% of citizens have complained about a marked increase in water tariffs, in confirmation of the statements by the Observatory Prices anrates of Cittadinanzattiva in recent years.
13% signals the interruption of the service, and 8% of citizens continues to notify us of problems with equipment maintenance.
A further 8% concerns the alerts of those who, living in areas not served by purification, is still waiting for the refund of amounts unduly paid. Finally, 7% of the citizens reports to us problems of drinking water.

Source: Cittadinanzattiva – XIII PiT Services Report, 2013

In general, unclear and adjustments staggering bills are "fixed items" that unite the billing of electricity, gas, water and waste, and bring into serious difficulties for Italian families already struggling with the crisis and the collapse of the income.
The data come from the report "Energy intermittently" - XIII Report PIT services presented on 11 July 2013, in Rome by Cittadinanzattiva. On 9,633 reports made by citizens, collected by national and local PIT Services during 2012, 30% are related to the energy and environment sector (water and waste) which is dedicated to the focus "Energy intermittently." To download the report click here

The water cost
As mentioned above, one of the main elements of complaint is represented by the continuous increase in the cost of water bill. In fact, over the last 6 years the cost of water has done nothing but increase: +33% on average and 33% is also indicative of the value for the water dispersion, with a cost, from the water wasted, annually amounting to 3 , € 7 billion, more than the value of a financial maneuver. Since 2007, rates have doubled or almost in Viterbo (+92.7%), Carrara (+93.4%), Benevento (+100%), and more than doubled in Lecco (+126%) and Reggio Calabria (+ 164.5%). In other 35 cities, the increases have exceeded 40%.
In general, the high cost of utility bills, travels more quickly in the Centre (+47.1% compared to 2007, up 9% compared to 2011). The following are the regions of North (+32.1% compared to 2007, up 5.2% compared to 2011) and the South (+23.8% compared to 2007, up 8.5% compared to 2011).
These data come from the annual survey conducted by the Observatory Prices & rates of Cittadinanzattiva which for years denounced the contradictions of integrated water services in our country, also with data on the dispersion water. The survey, presented in August 2013, was realized in all the provincial capitals, related to the year 2012. Attention was focused on integrated water services for domestic use: mains, sewer fee, treatment fee, fixed fee (or ex-rental counters). The data refer to a family of three people, with an annual consumption of 192 cubic meters of water, and are inclusive of VAT at 10%. To learn more, read here, to download the Report click here


(last updated: August 2013)